Natural soap making: the flow May 30, 2016 21:27

Positive psychology puts a lot of emphasis on the phenomenon called ‘the flow’. We have all probably experienced it at some point: immersing ourselves in something that we truly enjoy to the extent that we forgot about everything else and lost track of time. Some people call it also ‘being in the zone’. The psychologist who pin pointed it - Mihaly Csikszentmihaly (even I, a native Polish speaker, cannot pronounce this surname) wrote a book Flow: The psychology of happiness. Then he met with another guy called Seligman and

The flow happens when we take on a challenge that is just within the reach of our skills, but requires all we’ve got to complete it. If the challenge is too difficult, we become discouraged. If it is too easy, so not a challenge at all, we become bored.

I experienced the flow last week when making a bigger than usual batch of our handmade soap Lavender in Love: the natural bars where passionate red mica intertwines with purple and white, and a combination of pure cedarwood and lavender essential oils create a unique scent that is sweet and fresh at the same time. The swirl we use to create this soap seems easy and yet is surprisingly (and often- frustratingly) difficult to achieve. And yet, this time everything was perfect: I was completely focused, the colours had the perfect hue, there was just the right amount of lavender underlying the sensual cedarwood when I combined the two oils. I put the soap in the mould, swirled it and it set beautifully. Rarely I experience a soap making process so devoid of ‘oops’ moments and messy splodges of batter all around me...

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