The story of our handmade soaps

We make our natural luxurious soaps the traditional cold process method from vegetable oils such as olive oil, coconut oil and raw, unprocessed cocoa and shea butter. A percentage of these beneficial oils remains the in the finished soap, making it gentle and kind to the skin. They also contain glycerine, a well known moisturiser often used in creams.

To achieve the stunning look in our handcrafted soaps, we make them in small batches, using mineral pigment as colours (similar to what you might use in mineral make up). Every batch is made with tenderness and pride. We also cut and wrap every luxurious soap. These decorative, nourishing bars make excellent gifts that will not only ensure delicious shower time, but will also adorn your bathroom!

We care about our environment and avoid palm oil, never test any soaps on animals or use animal fat and use paper packaging for our precious soaps. We also care about your pocket and try to make these natural bars as affordable as possible!