Handmade beeswax candles


Handmade scented beeswax candles

We make these elegant candles in small batches with beeswax and soy wax - a healthier option to paraffin wax candles, especially if you enjoy long hours of burning or use your candles in a bathroom.

Coconut oil mixed with wax in these candles brings the burning temperature down.

The glass containing your candle might be slightly different from the one on the photo, but they are all beautiful and poured with great care.

Size, weight (including the container), burning time:

Large candles 590g burning time approx. 40hrs

Medium candles 360g burning time approx. 20hrs

Small candles 220g burning time approx. 10hrs

Use for a great relaxing evening or for a present to a friend or loved one.