Handmade wax melts


Handmade Melts

Hand poured wax melts made from natural beeswax or soy wax which is the healthier option than paraffin wax, these melts come in four different scents and more to follow.

How to use melts: put the melt in the top part of your oil burner (instead of oil), light the Tea candle and place inside the burner. Let the wax melt and then let the aroma fill the room.



Lavender essential oil (purple)
Spiced apple: Christmas scent of apple with cinnamon  (white)


Spiced orange: another festive scent of sweet orange essential oil and cinnamon essential oil (natural beeswax colour)


Christmas Spice: spices which remind you of Christmas (red)


Each packet contain five melts in assorted shapes (fish, starfish, flower) in an organza bag. Each melt weights approx. 10g.